posted on 26 Feb 2010 07:32 by skaparadize in Present



From the current situation of Thailand’s forest, we already know that the forest is being destroyed by humans. Even though all humans know that the forest is important to them, they still keep destroying nature, such as deforestation for building their places or poaching to get animal parts like tusk or horns.

            Human still do not care about the forest enough and destroy it to meet their needs. Therefore, we decided to make this website named “Forest” to present information about forest that you should to educate people and make them cognize about forest.


            This website will show various kinds of information related to the forest. It presents information on the different of rural’ s life  and urban’ s life, the advantages of having a forest, the side effects of forest destruction, the furtherance of human on the forest, natural disasters, tourist attractions and natural Spa. We hope that this website will make the readers appreciate the forest better and we wish that all details will be a part of their decision to do something that has an effect on the forest, including the good and bad thing.